echobell and knees

Erfahrung von:    Martha v. K.
Thema:                 echobell and knees
Erfahrung vom:   Jänner 2019


In November 2018 I was in Houten (Nederland) at the Internationale Therapeutenbeurs.
There I bought an echobell basic.

Well, I am very enthousiastic. I think the echobell basic  is a wonderful device.

Something I experienced within a few days was, that I was dreaming a lot (long, agreeable, amusing stories) as I used to do years ago. I always feel that I need those dreams to feel good. So I am pleased with it.

My sleep is also deeper and of better quality. In the morning it is easier to begin the daily things.

I also use the echobell basic  for my knees. I have a lot of troubles there. On both knees I had large painful spots. After a few days of using the echobell basic  on both sides (third level) the pain disappeared and until now has not returned.

I continue using the echobell basic. I am delighted about it.

What I saw with my cat (3 years old) I think to be miraculous. When I put the echobell basic  before her she was very happy and purred loudly. She tried even to eat the echobell basic  (which I of course prevented). She stayed all the time, totally relaxed and at the same time totally concentrated (with pointed ears).

I let her experience the echobell basic  a few times and after a while I saw something wonderful: She always had a breathing that was somehow blocked. In the mids of her breathing her belly always contracted suddenly and violently, especially when she was relaxed or sleeping. I don’t know what it was, but I was a little worried about it.

After a few „sessions“ with the echobell basic  her problems with breathing disappeared totally. Her breathing is now completely normal and I am very happy. She is also more playful than she was before.

Another change I noticed, in her behavior: she was always a friendly, easy-going cat but a little bit „at a distance“.

Now she is physically much closer. She turns around my legs, jumps at my lap, what she did not before. She seems to have gained a lot of confidence. I have a much closer bond with her and I like that.

I am very happy with my echobell basic  and I will continue to use it.

Kind regards,

Martha *

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