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echobell basic – the patented device.
PULSATIONS that remind your cells of their life force, deep into the very core of your being.

Darkfield-Microscop images

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an echobell treatment*

Blood reacted after 3 minutes of echobell application  with a clear change to increased red blood cell motility. *

* see experience report of Mrs. Gabriele Schmid

“The mobility of the cells can promote creativity and looseness. Everyday demands can be positively changed after only a few days with the echobell daily ritual. In addition, echobell users  often report increased quality of sleep.”

Dr. med. Nina Roy, Düsseldorf, Germany
General medicine, Naturopathy
Chinese and holistic medicine

FINEST QUALITY – Made in Austria

Each echobell  is finished in Austria by hand, is provided with a serial number, is tested for the exact reproduction of the required vibration sequence and certified.

In addition, echobell  is a registered trademark and patent pending.

noble – everlasting – echobell
echobell  is intended for everyday use. This product is not prone to wear and tear. Should your echobell nevertheless have a service requirement, contact our professional service, which is available at the head office in Austria.


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