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echobell was especially designed and developped as a handset for the transfer of movement-supporting sounds and vibrations. Developed for user application on the human body, indirectly transferred over bed or seat pieces, the vibrations and sounds from echobell can activate muscles, tendons and connective tissue within a few minutes. Using echobell promotes your self-responsibility towards your body. Echobell helps you to get to know to yourself much better, can scent out internal blockades, loose and untightens them. In this way, it is possible to gain a big increase of joy of life and physical mobility in a very short time.

echobell can be useful

  • On the body on tensed and painful areas
  • On sensitive energypoints on the body
  • Transferring vibrations and sounds over your bed, desk chair or massage bed – with the echobell click system
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echobell  works

The oscillation patterns playable with the echobell system show a sort of recall of causal carrier waves which are passed on as information to the cell system. The resulting resonance fields can dissolve congestions as well as coarse-material levels which get into the flow again.

One day with echobell


Create a wellness atmosphere to master your life powerfully.

good vibrations

The oscillation patterns have science-based effects on your body.They were developped in long-standing research projects – by the inventor Thomas Chochola THO CHO.

echobell- your friend and assistant


                                 The effect of echobell application leaves people in lasting astonishment.                                           In a few minutes pain, muscle tenseness and emotional stress behaviour change.

The use of echobell


The application of echobell basic offers the chance to supply the energy system of the body with specially composed oscillation patterns.

Being suited for every day use, body liquids (such as extracellulare liquid, blood, lymph), which are the bridges of information between the cells, can, in this manner, be activated and stimulated. Thus gel-like thickening liquidsy can be dissolved and thereby energetic blockades harmonised.

echobell basic can be used, amongst others, for the following sensitivities:

  • Energetic blockades-solutions
  • Energetic organ-activation
  • Cellshock – Harmonising (Accidents, Strains)
  • Cell -Activating about Acupuncture points
  • Dissolve of mental blockades
  • Promote general well-being

Scientific functionality

The human body uses differentiated receptor systems for deep (Mechano receptors) and middle to high (ears) oscillation patterns to take up fine material information in form of audio pressure and to alter into electromagnetic impulses.The audio pressure is superficially caused by electron movements (pressure and suction) to the oxygen molecules.

echobell produces exactly these – for decades investigated – resonances and transfers of profitable oscilattion patterns to the biological body system.

echobell simply eplained


Health practitioner Matthias Hilgers talks about different application cases of echobell.

echo click

echobell click is an upgrade of echobell basic. Assembling the echobell click system and engaging echobell basic in this accessories, revaluates your furniture as the following:

  • Your seat becomes a seat of sounds and vibrations
  • Your stool becomes a stool of sounds and vibrations
  • Your couch becomes a couch of sounds and vibrations
  • Your bed becomes a bed of sounds and vibrations

echobell – the Center of Soundresearch

The knowledge and the decades of investigation from the innovator Thomas Chochola THO CHO also global knowledges, studies and possibilities of using sounds, as a medical tool of natural revitalizing your biological systems will be set up in working groups, trainings and advanced trainings in the medium term, as an international operating Center of soundresearch.

echobell news


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